Cookie 2 Auto Clicker Mk2

by Lone Stars

Version 3 (May 30, 2018)

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This does require newer and Up to date device.... this is a bot to auto click the middle of the screen.... I made it so when u enter the app you wanna auto click (cookie clicker by default) it will pop up a notification and apon slapping that yes button it knocks volume to zero and brightness to 10 percent and clciks until you change the volume back up... when you leave the notification vanishes until u reenter the app... also I credit as I used it as the foundation and built alot upon it... thanks Reed Buddy boy

UpDate Log 2:
+ added a new block after termination which tells if its still in app...(reason is in the next log)
+made it so there's a show notification instead of the confirmation block... makes it so I can put it on top of all notifications... maybe slightly slower... which means but by very very little....

+made it hideous to look at for ocd people... im going straight to hell for it I know

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