by Niels Triple

Version 6 (December 30, 2018)

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Build 201806041500
Premium flow! No root required.

WarDriver is a tool to index wifi signals, mark the open ones, and put everything into KML files, so you can track everything in Google Earth.

Who doesn't want his own personal library of local freebee internet access points to (ab)use? ;)

SSIDs will show up as:
- Red: password protected network
- Green: open networks, free to use!
- Yellow: "sucky" open network: protected with a splash / login page, or open but it's a local printer network, etc.
Edit block 1002 to add your local sucky networks to the suck list. I've hardwired the Google Home guest network into the suckscript because they have no SSID (most of the time), and their MAC will not be recognised by MAC vendor.

War Driving is a modern variant of War Dialing. Google it if you're interested, it has quite a history!

Important details:
- Stop this flow by swiping! Otherwise the KML file will not be updated!
- (Re-)Exporting KML files will feel like it takes forever, but please just wait. It will finish eventually!
- Networks (and their locations) will be updated when the signals get stronger.

Use my NetScan flow to poke around see what else is on the open networks you've found! ;)

Made and tested on a Galaxy S8.
Build 201806040900 first version
Build 201806040945 missed a debug block
Build 201806041500 turns out that SSIDs containing "&" break the KML. Fixed it.

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