Hardkey Backlight (S6, S7 tested only)

by Zunkey The Dino

Version 3 (June 17, 2018)

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This "script" is for a quick tile button to modify backlight for the capacitive hardkeys on/off permantly.

nonpremium, root required.

(by permantly I mean on/off, never on a timer like default stock).

When power saving mode is on its still off though.

It should work on most Samsung phones but it's only been tested with a S6 and S7

Requires root

The commands this runs can be reversed in a terminal or via ADB

the commands used by SuperSU:

For off:
"adb shell settings put system button_key_light 0"

For on:
"adb shell settings put system button_key_light -1"

For reverting to stock:
"adb shell settings put system button_key_light 1500"
This turns the key on for 1.5 seconds after pressing it (stock) 2000 is 2sec, 4000 is 4seco etc.

For terminal emulators, just remove the "adb shell" part of the command.

I suggest trying these out first to see if your device is compatible. You can also just create a flow with a system command to change it if your lazy/don't have an emulator.

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