Spotify Wave! 🌊

by Bear Run

Version 4 (June 24, 2018)

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Update Version 4: Simpler code, less bugs! Enjoy!!!

Control your music with the wave of your hand! Just to look lazy but cool you wave your hand to skip the song or hold it to go back! This flow has been designed to only function with your screen on to avoid it skipping while in your pocket. Wave your hand close to the proximity sensor(typically near the selfie camera) to skip the song. Even works in the dark!!! We are living in the future!

Instructions:One wave to skip song, hold hand over proximity sensor for 2 seconds(when you hear the song restart) to replay, and hold for another second to go back another song (you will hear it happen). Swipe the notification when you want to stop proximity sensing or turn off your screen must tap the notification again in order to use it. The notification appears every time you click the play button. Just dismiss the notification if you wish to not use it. Enjoy!!

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