Auto on/off BT speaker when playing music

by Vincent Forest

Version 1 (June 18, 2018)

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This flow will automatically turn on a bluetooth speaker when the QQmusic start playing. When it stops playing for 5 min, the flow will turn off the speaker and freeze QQmusic. Need to download app for freeze function (root).

For personal use, you need to manually change the bluetooth device to your own, change the music app to which you use to detect (and freeze). If you normally do not freeze music apps, simply delete the particular block that is disabling (freezing) the app. This is just an alpha version. Please let me know if there is any easier way to do this! Enjoy!

使用方法:把蓝牙设备换成你自己的。如果你使用的是网易云音乐或者spotify或者其他的,在对应的block里替换成你的音乐app。如果你不需要冻结功能,把那个block 删去。冻结功能需要使用一个叫“secure settings”的app,Google play 可下,需要root。