🎙️Voice ==> ☑ Checklist

by Jerry D. Hedden

Version 2 (July 6, 2018)

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Unifies the voice inputs to the "☑ Checklists" and "☑ Voice Checklist" flows which you'll need to download separately.

Edit the "Flow start" blocks in this flow to point to the corresponding flows in "☑ Checklists" and "☑ Voice Checklist" as indicated by the "Log Append" blocks.

Add a widget for this "Voice" flow to your home screen.

If your voice input is in the form of "add item to list", then it is sent to the "☑ Checklists" flow to add the entry "Item" to your "List" checklist (which must already exist).

If your voice input is just "start", then the "☑ Voice Checklist" flow will be started if not already running.

Any other voice input will be sent to the "☑ Voice Checklist" flow to add it as a new item in the list.

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