Emergency SMS

by Erik Go

Version 3 (September 21, 2018)

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[The Clean Update]
Code cleanup - removed 2 unnecessary blocks
Reply to anonymous gaming: it was for testing purposes, I wouldn't want to spend money Everytime time I test it wouldn't I

Next update:
"Say" action

Hello. So I started making this flow a while back. And actually finished it. I just wouldn't upload it bc someone probably already made this. But, I do think that this flow is different from the others.
PS I might change the name bc I don't like it

Thanks to cook IT for informing me about the unconnected block.

Here are features
-passcode required when you want to accomplish a task
-has a certain pattern for it to do actions

Syntax: "Lostphone code: 657"
Not case sensitive.
Default code is 657, can be configurable with the first check expression.
IMPORTANT: there should be a space between action and "code" the colon always comes after the colon. There's always a space after the colon.

List of actions you can try:
Lostphone - Rings the phone
Stolenphone - gets high accuracy location
Stop - stop the actions, except the SMS receiver.
Firstlocation - GPS ONLY location

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