Auto Volume by Location and Time

by Ian Taylor

Version 2 (August 18, 2018)

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**Update: I've confirmed this is a HUGE battery drain, due to constant sensor and location checking. I am reworking it using the "When Changed" option instead. This one is a simple loop, so i couldn't use that, plus I wanted to get to the end of my proof of concept before putting more time into it. (The concept of me making a flow that works, that is. :))

This is a new project, so is a work-in-progress, but I would love to hear suggestions for improving it.  I have not really tested battery usage yet, but I expect it to be power-hungry still at this point...I am still adding Profiles and Rules, though.  There is a huge opportunity for adding some GUI interface to modify and add to the Profiles and Rules. This might all get scrapped and start over fresh as I realize and you inform me of short-comings.

The Flow has 4 simultaneous fibers, cycling through 197 blocks.

My mission was to replace an app I've used for years to automate control of settings, volumes, and apps based on Profiles and Rules using Priorities, but the developer abandoned it a couple years ago. I'm afraid it will stop working after an Android update one day. 

Currently, it has these profiles:
•max volumes
•low volume for the office
•silent for church
•Nighttime (for low(er) volumes plus spawning sleep tracking and alarm clock)
•repeating unread SMS reminder
•plus a default setting profile

...and these Rules to trigger the profiles with individual priorities:
•unread SMS
•driving sensing
•office hours
•sleeping hours
•home by 3 location methods
•church by GPS location

There are also 2 buttons in the notification for:  manual override to several profiles for a selected duration, and to quickly silence the phone for 2 hours with minimal touches of the screen...both using the highest priority.

I hope others find this helpful, and can help me improve it.

NOTE: I removed my Wi-Fi, home GPS, Home Cellular, and church GPS info, so you will need to add your own. I also have it set to automatically open the apps I prefer to use for Navigation, Music Playing, Sleep Tracking, and the stock Android Clock. If you don't have/prefer those apps you can change them.

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