đź‘‚Protect your ears when headset is connected.

by Batman

Version 1 (August 23, 2018)

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When headset is connected, this flow lowers your music/media stream volume level to 30% to protect your ears from accidental high volume.

Its also sets your ring and notification to mute so that you are not blasted with a high ringtone sound whenever a call or notification comes.

Best of all, your previous media volume is restored along with ring and notification sound when headset is disconnected.

Any suggestion or improvement is really appreciated.

Incoming Update :

Right now this flow affects your DND settings.

So in next update this flow will check for DND settings, if its enabled only music/media stream set to 30% and other volume are unaffected. I am still figuring out something and when I am finished I will publish the updates.

And yeah, thanks for rating and using this flow. :)

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