👂Protect your ears when headset is connected.

by Batman

Version 3 (August 29, 2019)

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*Updated (29 Aug, 2019)*

=======Change log======

(v 3.0) Minor improvement & description updated.
(v 2.0) Flow no longer messes with your DND settings.
(v 1.0) Initial release.

🎧 When headset is connected, this flow lowers your music/media stream volume level to 30% to protect your ears from accidental high volume.

Its also sets your ring and notification to mute so that you are not blasted with a high ringtone sound whenever a call or notification comes.

Best of all, your previous media volume is restored along with ring and notification sound when headset is disconnected. It will not modify your ring & notification volume if it detects DND settings, only music/media volume will be changed.

🚧Note : Flow tested and worked on stock android 7.1.2.

❗ Any feedback or suggestion is greatly appreciated.

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