Toggle mobile data without root

by deathrideswings

Version 1 (August 23, 2018)

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Edit #1 for Cookit: The "Enhanced 4GLTE" may only be for AT&T subscribers. You'll need to figure out the name of your own settings page and change it as mentioned in the third paragraph below. This isn't for Wi-Fi, it's for mobile data which on my phone takes multiple clicks in multiple menus to disable.

Non premium flow to toggle mobile data.

I made this specifically for my phone so not everything may work for yours. The best option is to edit the flow to your device and preferences.

If the "mobile data" screen doesn't come up for your phone, you'll need to update the tile looking for that screen to whatever will work on your phone. Might look for "mobile network" or something of the sort. When I go into my settings to toggle my data, the title of the page is "Mobile Data" so I found an option that said that specifically and it pulled up the correct page for me. If it's not working, I'd suggest doing the same.

The quick settings tile MUST be moved into the quick settings tray for this to work as I designed it. It can be changed easily to work with say a button on the home screen if you'd like. Delete the quick settings tile then add the Automate widget to the home screen and choose this flow to do it that way. The quick settings icon you're looking for will probably say "unknown" while the flow is inactive.

You may need to change the "interact touch" percentages as it's setup for mine specifically.

If you have security other than just swipe to open, you'll need to change that if you want it to unlock your phone too. Might use multiple interact blocks to type in a password or pin number. Not sure how you'd do a pattern unlock.

Made this to quickly toggle data, specifically to save battery while charging my phone, since Android or Samsung or whoever specifically removed the ability of apps to toggle data.

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