AI Song Reveiwer

by iGamer Trip

Version 2 (August 31, 2018)

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!!(((A JOKE)))!!

NOW YOU CAN MAKE AN AI RATE YOUR SONG FOR THE LOW LOW PRICE OF 999.99$ (without shipping and taxes) no but seriously, its not an AI, im not THAT Smart, it users RNG To Say 1 out of 5...etc its A JOKE
Changelog (yay im finally using a changelog...again!)
Removed The Fake Loading For The First Time (one small step for this flow, one giant leap for all my flows)
Fixed SOME Stuff (as i call it its the "Xx11bugofdestructionlon201911xX" yes i ran out of names)
Thats it...this flow is the bes--oh wait, its the worst flow, thank you bye.

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