📈 Track HR alongside Google Fit

by Andrew McAuley

Version 4 (August 31, 2018)

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Want heart rate (HR) tracking, but not all the time? This flow waits until you start an activity in Google Fit and pow! 💢 Heart rate tracking begins.

The moment you stop the activity tracking, so does the HR tracking... Simples.

...and more! Now including Saiy virtual assistant integration for on-the-fly notifications and call readouts while you exercise.

▪️Mi Band Tools (only works with Xiaomi Mi Bands)
▪️Google Fit

▪️Saiy (virtual assistant)

How to use
▪️Download the flow
▪️Ensure you have the required apps installed and setup
▪️Click "Run"
If Saiy's installed, it'll ask what announcements you'd like, but after that, it will now be waiting for Google Fit notifications in the background.
▪️Start tracking an activity in Google Fit
This flow will keep continuous heart rate tracking on until you stop the activity... and then all goes back to sleep until the next activity you track.

▪️2018-08-31 Tracking now occurs even when Bluetooth is turned off. After tracking Bluetooth returns to its original state.
▪️2018-08-31 Bug fix following last update, assistant now works as advertised