📑 Shrink Logs

by Andrew McAuley

Version 4 (September 11, 2018)

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Ever find logs useful? Don't want to delete it but still find yourself scrolling through endless pages of greyed out INFO entries?

I may just have the tool for you. Rather than clear the entire log, this tool reads each line of the log checks if it's a discardable INFO log, and keeps the rest.

▪️Permission to read and modify SD card (purely just for the logs)

How To Use
▪️Download the flow
▪️...and whenever you need easier logs to read
▪️Click "Run"
▪️Pour yourself a cuppa tea and watch the progress in your notifications
▪️...and if that's not enough, you can even geek out to saved space stats in the log - phewee.

▪️2018-08-29: Added a delay before each file read/write as per Cook IT's suggestion. It shouldn't cause a substantial slowdown, but will hopefully that will resolve any "hang" time.
▪️2018-08-30: After testing, added a more robust fix for "hang" time. Now hands control back to Automate every 50 lines or so to ensure no freezing occurs.
▪️2018-08-30: Now uses 2-3 times less memory, should be much snappier
▪️2018-09-11: Now shows its progress as cleans your logs as a notification.

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