📖 Save for Later

by Andrew McAuley

Version 2 (August 29, 2018)

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Like favourites, but don't like them split among all your apps? Me too... but I don't want an extra app again, the sales slogans tend to remind me of Lord Of The Rings:

> One ring to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them!

Personally, I'm happy to save it to a folder. That's what this app does, it allows you to share any content whatsoever, and have it saved where you like.

▪️Permission to modify SD card (only to save what you share, in a location you choose)

Recommended setup
▪️Use Syncthing to sync the folder between devices

How To Use
▪️Download the flow
▪️Click "Run"
▪️Find something worthy of saving, then just Share... to Automate & then select "Save for Later"
▪️Smile with glee (stroking phone while whispering "my precious" optional)

▪️2018-08-29 Added more detail to toasts, organised blocks and removed the few unecessary