😬(30)Sentence generator😬 (Version 9)

by Newb Games

Version 4 (September 11, 2018)

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Generates a random sentence. (Does not include Grammar)

Random 10 Chosed words from 55 Words.

Do not copy! Give credit if you are going to use it for a game/other.

Gmail me emailman109@gmail.com for suggestions and updates!

@Fabian k. I already said that it does not include grammar. How is this supposed to be helpful? This is entertainment.

Update 1
-Added new 5 words and copy sentence option.

Update 2
-Added new 15 words.

Update 3
-Added notification option + proper menu

Update 4
-Added feedback option

Update 5
-Fixed feedback option

Update 6
-Fixed feedback option

Update 7

Update 8
-Fixed copy option
-Custom sentence numbet

Credit : Alexandre Desfontaines.
Go search him!

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