-Quick Clipboard 📋 V1.3

by Demyte the Loner

Version 5 (September 22, 2018)

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Update 1.3! Two functions added!

You need to make sure you have one "Quick settings" space available, otherwise it won't work.

This flow let's you save a list of entries from your clipboard to use later.


A quick settings tile will be used, showing the text "Quick Clipboard" with a paper clip Icon. When tapped, the back button will be pressed twice (I made this so that it would close the notification bar. To change this, see [1]), and a list of the main functions will be displayed for you to choose. The Quick Clipboard tile will disappear while operating the main functions

Main Functions:

- SAVE your current clipboard to an entry.
You can choose between overwriting an older entry of your choice or saving it after the last entry of the list, in a new space.

- COPY an entry to your clipboard.
You will be asked to choose one of your previously saved entries to recover. This will replace your current clipboard content with the entry you selected.

-VIEW all of your entries.
You will be shown a list of all saved entries.

-SWAP two entries' places.
You will be asked to select two entries to swap. Then the two selected entries will swap places in the list.

-EDIT your clipboard manually.
This opens a dialog with your clipboard. You can edit this your clipboard manually this way, mabye to take quick notes.

-CLEAR a save forever.
This will let you to choose a single save and erase it from existence.

After every action you will be asked if you want to do something else. If you do, you will be taken back to the main functions selection menu. If you don't, the window will close and the Quick Clipboard "quick settings" tile will appear once again.

Erasing all data:

There is no function to remove a single entry yet, but there is one to erase all entries. I will add a remove option to the main functions menu if you want to.

[1]: to stop the back button from being pressed, change the fiber and make it connect block 224-YES with block 232-IN. To make it only press the back button once, change the fiber and make it connect block 227-YES with block 232-IN


Update 1.1:

- File writing fixed.
- File reading was supposed to be fixed.

Update 1.2:

- "Replace an older entry" function now saved the clipboard content in the selected place.
- When replacing an older entry, now the toast message tells you where it has been saved, instead of NaN.
- File reading ACTUALLY fixed. Flow was trying to read from the wrong directory. It now is supposed to work.

Update 1.3:

- New function added: EDIT
- New function added: CLEAR
- Technical stuff, such as:
- Re-wrote the file reading and saving code. Made the "for each" blocks responsible of counting. Less blocks needed
- Re-wrote the entry saving in next space . No longer keeps track of number of entries using a variable. Many less blocks needed.
- Made entry saving happen on each module, before it jumps to updating the files.

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