🚘🗣️ Traffic Alert

by Ransom Christofferson

Version 1 (September 8, 2018)

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[No root][Non-premium] (28 blocks)
Automatically tells you how bad the traffic will be on your way to work or home via text-to-speech, when you start driving. If the traffic is particularly bad, it asks you if you want to notify someone via SMS that you'll be late, and only requires that you respond by saying "yes" or "no".

Before running this flow, you must first download and run the Traffic Alert: Setup flow.

This is a set-it-and-forget-it flow; start it up anytime and let it always run in the background.

By default, Traffic Alert will only notify you of the traffic on weekdays. If you wish to change which days it runs, edit block 7.

Traffic Alert requires a data connection to work, but uses very little data. You may need to ensure that Automate is allowed to use data when running in the background.

Traffic Alert will only work when your ringer is not on silent or vibrate.