✈(30) Artillery cannon! 💥 (Version 3)

by Newb Games

Version 4 (September 12, 2018)

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Before you play...
-This game saves variables using atomic data. You risk of losing them if you edit the flow or restart the device.
-There is no proper stop button unless you lose and exit.
-Lives refill to max after you lose. You will not get extra lives if you increase max lives.
-You can't buy upgrades, they are wave-based so you need to advance waves.

Welcome to the artillery, soldier
-Red ships
-Red planes
Do not shoot Blue ships or planes and do not miss the enemies too!
As you. Advance through the game, max life and time to shoot before miss changes.

Update 1
Paratroopers are now a part of the sightings.

Update 2
Fixed empty text.

Update 3
Fixed empty text (Again)

👇 Thanks for 30 downloads! 👇

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