⛅USA Weather and Alerts⛈️

by Fran T

Version 26 (March 1, 2022)

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(Formerly known as 'National Weather Service API Demo')

Displays the weather forecast and alerts from the United States National Weather Service for any location in the United States.

The main 'Forecast and Alerts' flow displays the selected number of upcoming 12-hour forecast intervals and any weather alerts which are active. If you select zero intervals, only the current weather will be shown. You can save multiple forecast locations and add home screen shortcuts to them.

Use the 'Manage Locations' flow to add, change, delete, or view locations and get the forecast and alerts for each.

You can add shortcuts to your weather locations on your device's home screen to easily run them directly. To add a shortcut, run the 'Add Home Screen Shortcut' flow and choose the forecast location you'd like to shortcut, and the label and icon for it. The location info is stored in the shortcut, so updating or deleting the location later won't affect its shortcut. If you choose "Ask for Location", a shortcut will be created to the 'Forecast and Alerts' flow, which will ask you to choose a forecast location each time if you have more than one.

Be aware that the service is sometimes slow and the requests may time out. The flow will automatically retry the requests in that case. Detailed information about each failure is logged if logging for the flow is enabled.


⛅Worldwide Weather and Alerts⛈️

o Now lets you choose the number of forecast intervals
o Fix User-Agent request headers for proper authentication
o Add retry for "busy" HTTP status responses, always show status code in error messages
o Add retry for "gateway error" responses
o Completely refactored to update deprecated forecast service API; allow weather locations other than the current one to be used; add features to fully manage weather locations and add home screen shortcuts to them

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