Wake on Lan [ROOT]

by Finch Nelson

Version 1 (October 9, 2018)

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Send Wake on Lan packet to boot your PC via ethernet connection.
Automate's wake on lan is rather useless, since most PC need to stay on to keep wifi connected (which killed the whole purpose)
Instead you can configure windows so that ethernet connection will remain on even if PC are shutdown, and use it to boot your windows. If you have a capable android device nearby (android box or smart tv...) with ethernet connection, you can use it to boot PC remotely. (I bought a cheap android box solely for this purpose, worth it)

Rooted Android device with ethernet connection near your PC.
PC mainboard have wake on lan feature.

that's it.

Configure your PC ethernet network adapter to 'Allow this device to wake the computer', enable wake on magic packet.
Disable windows fast startup to keep ethernet connection (Control panel > power option > Change what the power buttons do > untick "Turn on fast startup")

▪️ Connect your PC to your android device with an ethernet cable.

▪️ Install busybox on android device for necessary shell command.
Edit this flow, change the MAC address (you can find MAC address in your PC ethernet network properties)
✔️ Test run.

📝Your android device can still connect to wifi network.
This flow can be remotely started with Cloud remote http://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/17209
cloud remote tag remotecontrol id:"1" name:"Wake PC"

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