☁️📬 Cloud chat

by Finch Nelson

Version 3 (October 10, 2018)

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Chat with your friend via Google cloud message, no third party app needed.

This flow aim to let you send and receive message simultaneously, like an actual messaging app.

How to:
▪️Start flow the first time and pick your email.
▪️ Start again and enter a gmail to start a 'conversation' (recipient must download this flow and started it)
▪️If the recipient is online and available, chat notification will pop up on both device.
▪️Tap on notification to send message.
▪️Swipe the notification to end the conversation, chat notification will disappear on both device.

Each "conversation" will have their own notification.
Send message to yourself or having multiple conversation with the same email may behave unexpectedly.

This flow use broadcast receive block to update the notification, while convenient, it will keep your device awake the whole time, be advise of battery consumption.

There are many feature i considered to add like: message log, email history, blacklist,... But there is only so much you could do with 30 blocks.

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