1 Volume WiFi BT Time

by Eric Burch

Version 1 (October 17, 2018)

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No root. Have your phone automatically silence itself and turn off Bluetooth when it connects to your School/Work wifi in a time window. (Vibration still on). And both back on when WiFi disconnects.

Add the exact title of the wifi that will trigger the muting in the wifi connection block. Add time window you want to be silenced when at work. Ensure enough delay between WiFi detected and connection achieved (1min?).

I wanted a flow to turn off sound at work, and on away from work, and not have a sound change when say in a movie or when listening to Bluetooth speaker.

GPS trigger possible, but I used a WiFi trigger for more location accuracy.

To avoid sound coming on unintended, time and Bluetooth are used as cross checks if sound was manually muted before turn on sound (I never use BT at work, so also saves battery).

Battery use is minimized by funnels to a wait state, but there is a delay loop when work WiFi triggered but out of clock window. Not a big deal.

I also separately activated system and individual alarms. System should work alone, doing both did better with my Samsung 8.

Also a different little chime at end of each branch.

If u like, please give good rating and spend a few bucks for the full Automate version. Love this program, hate anyone trying to ruin it.