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Version 4 (March 19, 2020)

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Set screen timeout to 2.5 minutes initially, then prompts with extended action notification with 3 choices;
1. - Set new default screen timeout.
2. - Set screen timeout to half of the current timeout.
3. - Set screen timeout to double the current timeout.

*Change the time the flow resets the screen timeout to under the "choice = 2" block.

(Update 2018-11-11)
Now automatically stops the flow and all fibers, clears the notification and resets screen timeout whenever display is turned off.

The reset function is now a separate fiber and will run whenever the notification is canceled or display turns off (such as when the lock screen button is pressed or when the screen times out).

(Update 2019-10-23)
Change the three choices to choose from in the extended action notification.

Minor updates & fixes.

(Update 2020-03-18)
Extended action notifications now include the following:
1. - Toggles the mode which the 2nd & 3rd actions affect;
a). Duration of wake lock (🔒).
b). Screen brightness intensity (🔆).
2. - Half of duration or intensity.
3. - Double the duration or intensity.

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