Instagram Bot v1.1

by Pro CyberSec

Version 1 (November 9, 2018)

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**By ProCybSec**

V1.1 Auto likes pictures with a specific Hashtag that you will get asked to type in close at the start. Some blocks (for example #42) are there that can be adjusted by you if you like it more/less aggressive liking.
This Bot is fast and made for a fast internet connection!

ATTENTION: Bot might has to be adjusted for your screen format, currently it's set for SamsungS9. Question? Email me

- allow screen privileges etc.
- if your connection is slow, add more time (seconds) to all the "delays".

!!! Be advised, so Instgram doesnt block your account, the Bot will not like each Picture!!!!

- currently working on: flow chooses Hashtags from a list that you can edit
- next upgrade: follow/unfollow users
- next feature: flow will start automatically during day/night adjustable

Suggestions welcome. Please don't steal my work and post. TAG me please for credit!!! Email:

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