Game: Actual Random Dice v1

by Niels Triple

Version 1 (August 8, 2019)

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As a programmer, you must understand that random generated numbers are not random at all.
There is actually a pattern behind it, and that is a big problem. If you crack that pattern, you can predict the outcome of a game.

Now, how to tackle this?
Add in numbers that are truely random and make it as unpredictable as possible (probably making this the most over-engineered set of Dice known to man.)!
This works by hashing the exact time, including milliseconds, and using the numbers 0-9 of the hash (not the a-f part) as the number of times the dice are shuffled. No hash will be the same, so no game will be shuffled in a predictable way.

Build 201811131110 It's live!

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