Smart Bluetooth Manager [PREMIUM]

by Jon Zuniga

Version 1 (November 22, 2018)

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*All in one Bluetooth manager
*Bluetooth "drive mode"

[PREMIUM REQUIRED] This flow was originally setup to turn on your Bluetooth for in car entertainment and navigation purposes (driving mode). It has since evolved into an all in one Bluetooth manager.

The way it works in your car is it turns on Bluetooth, will wait a bit for connection, check to see if you're driving and then kicks on location settings via quick settings interactions once your in car Bluetooth is connected. Once you disconnect from your vehicle, it will then kick off location via those same quick settings interactions. If your car's Bluetooth doesn't connect in that time, it'll turn off and start that Bluetooth cycle over again. It also turns on Bluetooth when the screen comes on then kick off if not connected, amongst other magical things. Works great for connecting to other Bluetooth devices (speakers, headphones, etc.) and will not turn on location settings via device interactions when connected to those devices. Basically, it's a smart, all in one Bluetooth management flow.

This flow requires your location be set to high accuracy for navigation apps.

**Let me know what you think below. If you give low stars and no words, I can't help or make updates. Help me help you.

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