👹Rhiri: Multiplayer - Send invite

by RobotWizard9

Version 1 (December 14, 2018)

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HUUUGE UPDATE (Not Huuuge Casino)

Do better in fights by downloading Class selection!
Every Class has some bonus:
- Warrior - Stronger attack!
- Priest - Better healing!
- Shaman - Stronger super attack!

Required "👹Rhiri: Multiplayer - Accept Invite" (http://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/26209) running on another device

Online multiplayer game based on 👹Rhiri: Classic turn game, but with difference - this is with real players!
The attack damage + healing was changed to balance them


How to run:

◼ Start "👹Rhiri: Multiplayer - Accept invite" first

◼ Press "Play" After running flow above and select account

(On another device)
◼ Start "👹Rhiri: Multiplayer - Send invite" and select another account and type the gmail of account selected on the
"👹Rhiri: Multiplayer - Accept invite" flow

◼ The one who Invites starts first, so select your move

◼ Then second player should see a dialog saying to choose his move, if Yes, all is done, You can play!

Q: I put the right gmail in the field, but no dialog shown on my opponent side

A: On your Opponents side go to flow, locate "Cloud message receive" block, remember the variable in field "To account", switch mode (from expression mode to pick account), pick the account opponent is using, switch back, type the variable and press Done.