⊘Button Unlimited⊘

by Sid Stone

Version 6 (October 26, 2019)

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Press button 1, 2, 3, 4 or...nth times. On last press hold button for 0.5 second before release.
Uses - Start multiple flows/fibers independently from a single button. volume, turn on/off wifi/bluetooth, play music, record video/audio. Any other flows you wish.
On my phone I launch 10 different flows from my volume up and down buttons
I used this flow to make a poor man's Stream Deck using a wireless numberpad, with 18 keys I can start over a hundred shortcuts, apps, flows, or smart devices etc.
Version 1.3 - Added unlimited buttons, edit buttons in dictionary keys
Limited by flow dictionary size or expression true blocks added.
(current buttons backslash, F1, F2).