I'm awake! Extra alarms snoozer

by Winz Wjy

Version 4 (December 26, 2018)

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* Changelog *
V4: added log each time an alarm is dismissed

(No TL; DR section. Just read all. It's fun to read tho)

Scenario: I woke up earlier than my alarm and wanna wake up and get prepared. But, I'll need to turn off the upcoming alarms..

This automation clicks on the first action of alarm notifications (default: dismiss) to automatically dismiss the upcoming alarms until the specified time.

To do:
1. Select your alarm app (set an alarm. When it rings, open your notification panel and hold the alarm notification to reveal its source) on "package" under "input" on block [5]
2. Everytime after you woke up, start this automation to automatically dismissthe upcoming alarms. You know you can set an automate widget on your home screen, right?

Run this automation ONLY if you're sure that you can leave the bed right away. I'm not responsible if you miss your bus / late to work / etc. You have been warned