Watch My Community Flows

by Fran T

Version 6 (March 24, 2020)

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Monitors your uploaded Automate Community flows (or any other flow author's) and notifies you when any have been rated or downloaded.

You can also show the title, version, author, update date, download count, number of ratings, and Community URL for each flow of the chosen author, or all the flows you've downloaded from the Community. If you've renamed the flow locally, your title is also shown first.

Runs Community requests simultaneously for 10X speed improvement!

Inspired by this flow by Finch Nelson, which notifies you when any of the flows you've downloaded have been updated:

When starting an author monitor flow for the first time, the names of the authors of each of your installed flows will be presented. Choose the author whose flows you'd like to watch for changes. After this initial setup, the author won't have to be selected again. You can select a new one with the "Change Monitored Author" flow.

o Added minimum download increase per Dark Matter's suggestion
o Added download and rating totals for "Show Author's Flows"
o Simplified choice of flow author during setup; improved usability of "Change Monitored Author" flow; added update date to information display

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