Dynamic Battery speaking alarm

by Craig Bennett

Version 1 (January 15, 2019)

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This let's you make your phone say what you want when it gets to a given power level.

NOTE the app freaks out when everything is on a single page. The bottom parts (charge, 5%, 15%, 100,) needs to have their own page by themselves independently from each other. I've spent days working on this problem and that's the only solution that worked. Otherwise things get triggered a good number of times.
(the fibers weren't being fully killed for whatever reason while everything was on a single page, and this makes it where your phone repeats the message several times. On top of that, for some reason on a single page it triggers given fibers multiple times at times. And this means between the 2, you might have a message being said 20 times easily. This method forces it to only run 1 time, and the charge or not actually kills the right line. I think the app itself was the problem since the functions just didn't want to work. Maybe it was overloading it by running everything on a single page.
I've tried every method I could think of to make it work on a single page.)

Oh and on there, I have it where if you're on a call it won't say the message. I didn't add a way for it to adjust your volume.

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