☁️📡Cloud P2P Signaling Server Full Release

by Himi

Version 9 (January 10, 2019)

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Will not be updated.

This flow works with Cloud P2P Group Chat flow http://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/26950

This flow acts as a Signaling Server for Cloud P2P Chat flow

If you just want to chat then download my other flow Cloud P2P Group Chat

Otherwise explore this flow to run your own signaling server with Cloud P2P Group chat


* Receive Signal and respond with Who is Online including you
* Check if signal is not received from a user within 60 second and removes user
* Signal Server will broadcast Online Users when, a New Signal is received(User Joined) OR a user left the chat.

Offline Users Detection:
Compares a users signal timestamp with current timestamp if greater than 60 second remove user from Online Users

Accept Cloud Message, Check if payload contain username, then add to dictionary as Email:Username, then send dictionary back to Email

Signing Out:
If recived "out":username then remove email from dictionary(leave chat)

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