Military GPS tracker

by Nicksona Marinov

Version 2 (January 16, 2019)

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Need root privileges and installed "Security Settings" with enabled GPS in it. Also set tick in you Android setting -> Google location service or/and AGPS or/and Network location.

Turn old phone into accurate GPS tracker. The advantage is that wifi also get involved into tracking and the battery not drains fast, because the flow turn on/off GPS,wifi,mobile data on demand.

The flow:
0. Wait for incoming call of particular number.
1. Enable GPS,wifi,mobile data
2. Try to get location with highest accuracy (GPS,Network,passive) and timeout of 4 min. The gotten location should not be older than 20 min.
3. If the timeout expire and no location given - try the same but with balanced accuracy(around 100 m)
4. If this also fails - return the last passive known location(and time)
5. If all of this three fail - send fail POST request to your HTTP server
6. If one of these three succeed - send success request with all the collected location info to your HTTP server.
7. If internet is not available and any HTTP request fail - send shortened SMS with the collected location info to the Colling number.
8. Disable GPS, wifi, mobile data and go to point 0(wait for incoming call)

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