SMS Commands

by Hippolyte Cosserat

Version 2 (January 26, 2019)

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Control your phone via SMS ! More than 15 commands for the moment.

Receive :
"@/soundup" to put all sound max
"@/light" to turn on flashlight
"@/sound" to play the basic notification sound
"@/speach:[text]" to make the phone speach [text]
"@/vibrate" to make the phone continiously vibrate
"@/record" to start recording sound
"@/bton" to enable bluetooth
"@/mdon" to enable mobile data (rooted device needed)
"@/wfon" to enable WiFi
"@/lock" to lock the phone
"@/videof" to start recording a front video
"@/photof" to take a front picture
"@/videob" to start recording a back video
"@/photob" to take a back picture
"@/locate" to enable GPS and receive location (rooted device needed)
"@/shutdown" to power off the phone (rooted device needed)
"@/?" to receive all this description

Flashlight, vibrating, speaching, video recording and sound recording are automatically disabled when button "Ok" is clicked

All medias are saved in DCIM/SMS Commands

Warning : if you sent "@/?" to yourself it will activate every commands

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