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by Kaz

Version 9 (April 16, 2019)

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Need an app blocker?
Look no further!

If you're like me and you waste too much time on games and social media, use this flow to help regain control of your life!

🔢 How to get started 🔢
1. Add a restriction.
2. Enable the restriction.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as necessary.
4. That's it!

💡 Features 💡
• PREMIUM required (> 450 blocks)
• Have as many restrictions as you want
• Each restriction can block any number of apps
• Set active time periods for each restriction
• Set time limits for each restriction
• Live notifications with time remaining
• Enable a PIN to prevent modifications
• Remembers which restrictions were active and re-enables them automatically if you stop and restart the flow
• Modify and delete existing restrictions
• Keep your settings between updates (use built-in menu)
• Customize extending the time limit when it runs out
• More features to come!

This is the premium version of Self Control. If you want to try it out for free, check out the non-premium version at https://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/27605.

Version notes
v1.2.1 (04/16/19)
• Restrictions' app lists are easier to read
• Customise the "Time's up!" message

v1.2 (04/04/19)
• "Add 5 minutes" renamed to "Extend time limit"
• Optionally require entering your PIN before extending time limit
• Customise the amount of time added when extending time limit

v1.1.1 (03/20/19)
• Error messages now read properly
• Low-time warning displays for slightly longer
• Other minor tweaks

v1.1 (02/21/19)
• Extend time limit when time runs out (enable in settings)
• Displays time remaining when apps are opened and with less than 5 minutes left
• All-day restrictions now reset properly
• Future updates will keep your enabled restrictions and settings

v1.01 (02/07/19)
• Oops! Timer no longer visually counts down while phone is locked
• Check for updates automatically
• Open this flow from its notification
• "Time's up" box no longer appears after turning off phone between daily resets

v0.9 (02/06/19)
• Initial release

Please let me know of any bugs or requests by leaving a review.


Thanks for downloading!

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🇨🇦 Made by Kaz


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