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by Kaz

Version 1 (February 6, 2019)

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Need an app blocker?
Look no further!

If you're like me and you waste too much time on an app, use this flow to help regain control of your life!

🔢 How to get started 🔢
1. Settings
a. Time limit: This is how long you can
use the app for. Resets at 2 AM daily.
Change to your liking in block 156.
b. App: This is the app that curses
your sleep and productivity.
2. Hit cancel to save.
(Counterintuitive, I know.)
3. Run the service.
4. That's it!

NOTE: The service must be running at the reset time to properly reset the timer. Modifying the flow in any way will also reset the timer and all settings.

💡 Features 💡
• NON-PREMIUM (Exactly 30 blocks!)
• Choose an app to block
• Choose how long to allow use of the
app each day

This version of Self Control is very limited. If you truly want more control, download the premium version at https://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/27604.

The premium version features:
• Have as many restrictions as you want
• Choose as many apps you want to restrict
• Live notifications of time remaining
• Better reliability
• Lots of customisation options
• And much more!

Version notes
v1.0 (02/06/19)
• Initial release

Please let me know of any bugs or requests by leaving a review.


Thanks for downloading!

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🇨🇦 Made by Kaz


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