Battery Saver Pro - All-In-One

by Guilherme Lourenço

Version 7 (August 30, 2016)

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Update V2

When the battery is 100% now start ringtones, when remove your device of charger he stops automatically.

*updated* v1
Now if you have a poor signal 📶 the device will be in airplane mode by 5 minutes but if you aren't using wifi airplane mode will be active just per 1 minute

When device screen off 📴 turn off data cellular, wifi per 15 minutes and turn on again to see notifications and if screen turn on before 15 minutes, instantly wifi or cellular data active to use normally
If you I'd like to except any wifi you can insert on flow wifi.
Active synchronization with interval of 1 hour and disable again after 15 minutes.
If screen about 30 minutes CPU clock slowly and when turn on screen again CPU restore again.

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