📱 Automatic Flow Starter 📱- GT (CuteEdit)

by Jason wade

Version 1 (February 18, 2019)

Download (364 downloads)

Please also see the original located here which may (or may not) be updated later by the owner: http://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/17721

This flow automatically starts other flows that do not have automatic starting features. This can work with many different flows as all you have to do is change the flows it starts. The downside to how this works is you need to edit this flow after you download it to run how you expect it to.

Areas of the flow for looking at to change:
- Variable Set block right after the flow starts
√ It is a dictionary of flow URIs as keys and the payloads to send them as their values (of course, use null for no payload.
- In the loop's "Do", which is within the fork's "New", increase the value a little of the Delay block if you get slowdown from too many flows starting up at once.


Version 1
- Created.
Version 1+ CuteEdit revisied
- Adjusted code to:
√ Loop through a dictionary (edit the Variable Set block to adjust the flows which get started — they are key-value pairs of flow URIs & the payloads to use, which can be "" to send an empty payload);
√ Delay before starting each flow (edit the Delay block to adjust how long;
√ Catch errors which would cause only a few flows (or none) to start up.

⚠ WARNING!!! ⚠


Please understand that I do not want to take full credit, especially since I am doing these edits in good faith. 😇