NFC Unlock

by Tucker Busfield

Version 3 (February 28, 2019)

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Non-Premium! Only 23 blocks!

This Automation gives you the option to unlock your phone with an NFC Tag! You program the tag, click the lock notification, set the device to sleep mode, and poof! Your phone can only be unlocked with the NFC Tag you programed! Now you may be thinking, "What if I lose the tag or the data on it is compromised?" I have a simple solution for you! Knowing this would come up, I installed a failsafe! Move the phone at 15m/s and it will disable the Flow! To reach this speed, try dropping the phone from a few feet (.5-1 meters) up and that should disable it! If it doesn't email me at
I will have your issue fixed for you!

V1 -- Release -- February 22, 2019

V2 -- Grammatical Changes -- February 22, 2019

V2 -- Fixed which flow I had updated - Thanks to Kenny Cheung -- February 28, 2019

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