by Barrie Stephenson

Version 2 (May 7, 2019)

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You'll need to READ the description.


OPUS is currently in Beta and I will resume updating almost everyday.

OPUS ('working' in Latin)
Is a Dream, Sleep, and Mood logger.
This flow should be run 24/7
To use this flow you must:

- Have RAR
- A little knowledge of Automate
Flow will begin at 2am when first run

👁️‍🗨️ Every night between 2am and 8am (optional) To store your dream simply unlock your device and you will be prompted with 3 options either to 'speak your dream' will start speech to text. Or write your dream 'dialogue input'

Or if you haven't dreamt yet simply choose 'I haven't dreamt yet' and you will still have the prompt to log your dream until 8am
🔰OPUS will create a directory called ❇️DreamFile
After 1 day of using the flow you will have 3 txt. files in there open them and you'll see your very own Log.
🔰You may need to edit the Time Await blocks to suit your daily routine ✔️

🔰Then when you wake up in the morning a window will appear to rate the sleep you had out of 10.

🔰Then at Lunch time 12pm(optional) you will be prompted to rate your current mood out of 10, then 3pm again, 6pm again and finally 10pm.

📍 This flow has been optimised and configured neatly. I have tested this flow daily and fixed most bugs.
If there are any issues I have missed I need you to help me fix any issues that might occur on a different device. Please comment.

You will be able to monitor your Dreams and use Google to understand why understanding your Dreams can be so helpful. In summary you will know what your subconscious is worrying about and can help you discover underlying issues.

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