by Barrie Stephenson

Version 2 (March 30, 2019)

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Fixed: Variable block had a major typo, fixed it sorry boys

Expensive phone? Love your device alot? No insurance? Virtually never loose your phone. How?🤔
When you loose your device 9x out of 10 you set it down somewhere and then the next thing it's lost. 😭
This flow will determine when your device has been set down and hasn't been used for a set amount of time and then a loud alarm will trigger constantly until you pick it up.
Save yourself from running around looking when you know the device will eventually sound itself and it will be easier to find! 😉👍

Let's face it, the continuous use of the Device Acceleration block will eat your battery like a snack and don't get me started on the Device Orientation block.

I have cleverly discovered a simple and efficient way to use this system without eating the fuck out of your poor battery.

I have added an SMS alert so just add your emergency number and text your phone "findme" no spaces and your device will alert itself and turn off mute as well yee haw

Only made it so chill if you come across an error and be a gent and let me know 👍