Copy of 🌀 Touchless Menu 🌀 (V1.01)

by Лидия Николова

Version 2 (March 6, 2019)

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Ever wanted to have a menu that open with your hand gesture ? Ever wanted a menu that open like SAO menu does ? THIS flow is for you , It's Touchless Menu !

Toucheless menu is a menu that pop up when the proximity sensor detect your finger briefly .


-Intelligent flow , doesn't activate itself in pocket

-Work on almost every rooted phone

-Expandable to infinit ! Just add the option in the Dialoge choice block and add a variable and do what you want !

-Amazing Fast detection .

-Look likes SAO menu , You can open it by waving your hand over your phone !

-There is about 20+ Option ! That sure is a lot !

Please considere giving me feedbacks , it really helps me a lot (I'm 13)


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