Battery Info Automation

by Moalong Kichu

Version 8 (May 13, 2021)

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For use in free automate version. Consists of 4 threads. Please enable all fibers or selected fibers according to your needs.

What this flow does is:
*Notifies you when your phone is plugged in/unplugged (Thread 4)
*Identifies the power source (Thread 4)
*Informs the user when the battery is at 80% and 40% for the battery health concious people (Thread 2)
*Notifies you when the battery is full every 10 minutes unless you unplug the charger (Thread 1)
*Warns persistently at 20%-1% battery level every 10 minutes. Handy tip: Plugging in the charger once will disable all future low battery warnings for one continuous below 21% battery level instance (Thread 3)

𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚎 𝚕𝚘𝚐:
Ver 0: Single threaded flow for battery level and plug/unplugged notification. Complicated flow with an error in the battery counter (Deleted flow)
Ver 1: Redesigned flow. Consisted of 6 threads and 6 fibers. Battery notification and plug/unplug notification worked perfectly including the power source notification (Deleted flow)
Ver 2: Minor modification of flow into 4 threads and 6 fibers (Deleted flow)
Ver 3: Added persistent notification every 10 minutes for battery full and battery low until charger is plugged/unplugged
Ver 4: Corrected errors
Ver 5: Minor change in battery full audio notification
Ver 6: Reduced fibers by one. Massively improved low battery notifications using variables
Ver 7: Rectified error in Low Battery notification
Ver 8: Minor adjustments in speaking notification

There will be no flow deletion from Version 3 onwards. All modifications will just be updated here.

Uses google text-to-speech engine. English US. Comments and ratings welcomed. Disable logging unless you don't trust the flows. Thank you.