by Stiathirs the Protogen

Version 1 (March 13, 2019)

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Probably one of the most useless programming languages ever.

This programming language is inspired by Brainfuck, which is honestly WAY more useful than this...

It is just barely free (30/30 blocks).

Maybe you can find a use for it?

There is a code under here that makes it launchable from TinyOS. Deleting it will make it not launchable from TinyOS, but the flow will still work. And no, there is no extra block to do it, just a description code.
<vitals tinyos;CODE;1>

If you use it for whatever reason, credit me (Though why would you use it?)

Commands (Any other characters WILL be rejected):

+ = Add 1
- = Subtract 1
< = Select address to left
> = Select address to right
c = Copy value
p = Paste value
r = Delete selected address
a = Add address to end
i = Insert address after selected address
t = Write user input to address

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