Rclone launch

by Rob Calistri

Version 2 (March 14, 2019)

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This flow will help launch rclone on Android devices either adhoc or automatic on boot. To launch without user intervention you will need to run the adhoc launch first and get it working. Then you can stop it or close the notification. It will store the last command run and do that again on next launch with the auto option. I've hard coded the path to the config and log to


Log directory:

Which of course you can modify within the flow.

If launched ad-hoc, at the end of you cancel the notification to terminate rclone, it will pop up chrome to view the log.

Trimmed it down to 29 blocks so it doesn't require premium.

This is set to download rclone for arm. If you have another chipset, then you'll need to modify block #74

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