­čôÁReject banned numbers silently­čôÁ

by Sid Stone

Version 2 (October 26, 2019)

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This flow is to waste telemarketers time.
This flow will silence banned/withheld numbers, then let it ring silently for a random amout of time,
then answers the call, mutes the mic and hangs up after a random amout of time.
Add banned numbers in banned array in variable set block. You need to keep the null value to ban withheld numbers.
e.g. [null, "07567234765", "01426734987"]
The interact block is set up for a samsung phone, you may need to edit this block to work on your device.
The call end/answer block doesn't work on my devices, so i use the interact block, call end/answer may work for you.

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