Reject Unknown Callers

by Fran T

Version 4 (August 26, 2021)

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Rejects phone calls from callers who aren't in your contacts list. On versions of Android which don't allow this via the API the Automate block uses, the flow will instead dismiss the call by activating the primary button in your phone dialer app's phone call notification.

When calls are rejected, a notification is shown which displays the rejected number and time they called. If you expand the notification, you can choose to open your phone dialer app to review your call history and perhaps block and/or report the number. If there are too many rejected calls to show in the notification, you can tap the More button in the notification to see them all. If you swipe away the notification, the call counters will be cleared.

o Added interactive notification showing rejected calls; allow the dialer app to be chosen during setup so the flow works on more phones