Text Message Reader with Voice Commands

by Fran T

Version 21 (February 11, 2023)

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Reads out the contents of SMS and MMS text messages when a Bluetooth audio device is connected. You can choose whether voice commands are enabled and set specific Bluetooth devices to exclude from speech readout and/or voice commands. You can also stop or snooze readout using the notification or voice commands.

Available Voice Commands:

Call ("Call")
Reply ("Reply")
Ignore ("Ignore")
Repeat ("Repeat")
Open texting app ("Open")
Stop reading messages ("Stop")
Snooze for ten minutes ("Snooze")

o Added "repeat" command
o Allow individual Bluetooth devices to be excluded from voice commands
o Strip URLs from messages
o Fix for Google adding punctuation to voice recognition
o Fix for incorrect text 'sent' times from carrier
o Adaptations for Android 11 and new Automate behavior
o Fix for Samsung devices, where the default texting app can't be determined
o Added "open", "stop", and "snooze" commands and notification to stop or snooze reading
o Update for Android 13; improve media player control; improve Bluetooth device list management; save settings to a file; add Show Settings flow
o Fix readout of MMS message content; improve removal of URLs from messages