SMS and MMS to Speech ± VCommands

by Fran T

Version 14 (July 29, 2021)

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An enhanced version of Mark Newton's flow, which adds MMS message notification announcements and accommodates Bluetooth connections to Android Wear devices.

Also see:

o Add "repeat" command
o Allow individual Bluetooth devices to be excluded from voice commands
o Strip URLs from messages
o Fix for Google adding punctuation to voice recognition
o Fix for incorrect text 'sent' times from carrier, improved test reply behavior
o Adaptations for Android 11 and new Automate behavior
o Fix for Samsung devices, where the true default texting app can't be determined

When a Bluetooth headset is connected, speaks the name, time, and contents of text message using Google TTS. Enable voice commands to ignore, reply, or call with speech recognition.

Available Voice Commands:
Call ("Call")
Reply* ("Reply")
Ignore ("Ignore")
Repeat ("Repeat")

*Text replies are dictated with voice recognition

When voice commands enabled:
-If no voice command is detected after reading the text, it does nothing and awaits the next text message.

-If command is not understood, asks if you want to issue a command again.

*Please rate the flow if it works and you like it. If you have issues please rate and leave feedback so I can try to fix them*