Spellbook đź“™

by Sebastian Norr

Version 2 (March 30, 2019)

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(15 blocks of) Modern Muggle Magic!
(Useful at 1 April Fools day ;)

This spellbok is the main part of a collection of flows, but it can not properly function on it's own because it is empty.
You need to fill this spellbook with your own spells, you can find some in the store.
You will recognize the spells by their name, each spell MUST start with the EXACT name: "Spell: " followed by the Activation Name of that spell (notice the colon & space).

To cast a spell you simply run this flow, then activate any voice recognition app and say the spells Activation Name.

A wand (*your phone) is a quasi-sentient magical instrument through which a witch or wizard channels her or his magical powers to centralise the effects for more complex results.

Most spells (*flows) are done with the aid of wands, but spells can be cast without the use of wands.
Wandless magic is, however, very difficult and requires much concentration and incredible skill; advanced wizards (*programmers) and some magical creatures such as house elves are known to perform such magic.

Wands are manufactured and sold by wandmakers, the most famous type of these being Android. Each wand consists of a specific type of silicone that surrounds a core of magical substance (*electrons). 
Although the wand cores may come from the same creature (*CPU manufacturer), or the silicone may come from the same source, no two existing wands are exactly alike.
The study of the history and the magical properties of wands is called wandlore.

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* Released first version.
* Removed debugging code.
* Added back interaction after word capture.
* Removed hard coded length of "spell token identifier".
* disconnected debugging blocks.

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