📶 WiFi Roming

by Trenton Michael

Version 1 (January 2, 2021)

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This flow can help you if you have 2 APs/WiFis

For reference WiFi routers are are called AP(s) are access point(s)

How to use:
1. Find out if your device and router support and use 5Ghz WiFi
If you do not know what 5Ghz WiFi use "Single Band" fiber
If you only have 5Ghz use "Single Band" fiber
If you have a 2.4Ghz and a 5Ghz WiFi use "Dual Band"
2. Select your APs (There password has to be saved)
If you used "Single Band" make sure the APs are different
If you used "Dual Band" make sure the 5Ghz APs are in the 5Ghz slots and 2.4 in the 2.4 slot
3. Now set the reset time
This is the time the fiber waits after checking and possibly connecting. I recommend 60secs
4. Done
You are setup now try it

NOTE: settings are NOT saved.

How it works:
After setup it scans for the setup WiFi and finds there signal strength and compares them to each other and connects to the best but on the dual band fiber it trys 5Ghz first if no connection to the set 5Ghz AP it trys the set 2.4Ghz AP

Turn off logging Menu>Log>Logging Tap the check box
Turn of debug logging Set>Miscellaneous>Debug Logging make sure the check box is unchecked

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